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 TEST DRIVE Take your station for a Test Drive on the BRM Streaming Media Network

  Taking your station on a
TEST DRIVE could not be easier... here is how it works:

  • Send us an email and request your 5 day Test Drive... its free.

  • If needed, BRM will send you an Implementation Manual

  • You can test various bandwidths ranging from 16k to 128k audio

  • BRM will also send you a web-link for you to access your Test Drive streams from any PC or mobile device located anywhere in the world

The BRM will need your Station Call Letters and a Contact Name... that's it. There is no charge for the TEST DRIVE and you will be able to continue your current online broadcast streams without interruption from the same encoding PC.

Now, you can drive before you buy. You can drive a new BRM Streaming Media while saving money and improving your listener's online radio experience... all of this without risk.

Take your radio station on a BRM TEST DRIVE today... its easy, safe and the best way to try before you switch streaming media hosting services.


New Service

You may have never considered going with a subscription service before the CRB Ruling, but you may now want to consider this business model as a way to survive and to possibly even thrive...

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New Rate Plan

Do you run a radio station network and stream more than 3 terabyte of bandwidth per month?

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