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BRM Advertising will assist clients in the placement of Internet Radio advertising across multiple online advertising platforms.


BRM Advertising will help clients build an Internet Radio advertising campaign and monitor its success.


BRM Advertising will help clients build their Internet Radio advertising budget and monitor the execution of the entire campaign.


BRM Advertising will produce the creative media including graphics, video, and audio production or work with the client's creative media



BRM Advertising features the premier online advertising platforms specifically designed for Internet Radio. Over 80 million people per week listen to Internet Radio and this number is growing rapidly every month.


Internet Radio listeners are more engaged and the internet delivery system is capable of directing listeners to the advertiser's website where products can be purchased on the spot.


BRM Advertising's Internet Radio technology platforms feature the ability to target specific listeners based upon radio station, radio format, region, state, city and even by zip code. Some ad delivery systems can even target other listener demographics based upon user data given to the radio stations.


BRM Advertising actively builds national marketing channels designed to allow specific industries, professional groups, social organizations, and religious affiliated groups to have access to low-cost, targeted Internet Radio advertising that can range from local campaigns to national campaigns.


BRM Advertising believes the key to any successful Internet Radio advertising campaign is the effective delivery of low-cost and targeted advertising. BRM delivers detailed campaign reports including the specific number of listeners hearing or seeing the advertiser's commercials. No other medium is as verifiable and pinpoint accurate.

A Better ROI

Your return on ad dollar invested is greater with targeted advertising

Internet Radio

Barnabas Road delivers millions of hours of internet Radio to listeners in the United States, Canada and Europe...

BRM knows the technology,  markets, and actively works with major radio networks as well as local radio stations.

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