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Network Affiliate Plan


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Network Affiliate Plan


Broadcast Radio's "Network-only Program"

No other streaming media provider offers such a low-cost feature-rich plan to radio networks

(for radio networks streaming more than 3 Terabytes of bandwidth per month)

(see rate schedule below)

  • Omnibus Streaming Media Account - No per station minimum rates - unlimited streams, side-channels & including video programs - HD multiple side-channels - unlimited pod casting

  • Wholesale Co-op bandwidth rates - BRM's lowest bandwidth rate

  • Network Listener Service Center assistance - BRM handles listener issues - station staff freed from listener helpdesk duties

  • Web, Graphics, and Programming Services - players and launch pages - special audio and video players

  • Stream Watch - to protect against media player hijacking schemes

  • Network-wide Online Advertising Campaign Management and Reporting Services - who heard each commercial online w/demographics (see Ando Media "Webcast Metrics" details in Ad-Opts)

  • Digital Rights Management and Subscription Services - stream protection & listener data collection

  • Now Playing http feeds for pages and or media players

  • Gateway, In stream and Static Advertising - featuring  Ando Media - the premier technology provider of Ad-Injection and Ad-Detection software (additional fees apply)

  • Program "blackout" services - prevent copyrighted or restricted programming from being aired over the internet

  • SoundExchange reporting service - $50 per stream/month via Ando Media

Use the Contact link to request more information... The Network Affiliate Program is custom designed for large and small radio networks alike. BRM is the low-cost feature-rich provider of streaming media services to broadcast radio networks.


Network Affiliate Pricing Plan

(Omnibus Streaming Media Account)

Giga Bytes (Gb) Tera Bytes (Tb) $/Gb $/Tb Minimum Monthly Payment
500  0.5 NA NA NA
1000  1 NA  NA NA
3000  3  0.300  $300.00  $990.00
10000  10  0.285 $285.00  $2,700.00
25000 25 0.265 $265.00  $6,300.00
50000 50 0.245 $245.00 $12,700.00
75000 75  0.235 $235.00 $17,500.00
100000 100 0.225 $225.00 $21,375.00


Revenue generating advertising options

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              One year service agreement required

NAP Rates

BRM offers one of the most cost effective streaming media services in America today

Low Rates

Some radio stations may find BRM package rates better suit their needs

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The BRM Network Affiliate Program is designed for the largest to smaller multi-station operations

If any radio network qualifies, the lowest streaming media rates available will be the reward

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