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A Leader In Streaming Media for Broadcast Radio


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Barnabas Road Media (BRM) was founded with the idea of fundamentally changing the way streaming media services are delivered to broadcast radio in North America. We rapidly realized radio stations were being penalized for doing well on the Internet by having simultaneous listener and monthly listening hour caps applied. BRM was the first streaming media hosting service to introduce an Unlimited Simultaneous Listener and Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth plan for broadcast radio stations.


BRM is determined to provide a full range of streaming media products that broadcasters demand today. The Copyright Royalty Board decision has caused many webcasters and simulcasters to rethink their business model. Therefore, BRM introduced a new Advertising based program called Ad-Opts. BRM features TargetSpots, Ando Media, StreamAds, Bid4Spots and stationAds in order to help our customers monetize their internet simulcasts. We provide the custom APIs via multiple electronic delivery platforms that make each unique system work in each radio station's market. We understand that Internet Radio is not free and the medium must generate its own revenue. See Ad-Opts link


Further, the Copyright Royalty Board mandated all Commercial and larger Non-Commercial music stations report their music played on a "per performance" basis. BRM therefore, created the proprietary PPRS (Per Performance Reporting System) that is designed to deliver a ready-to-file electronic report for SoundExchange and a hard copy report for the payment of the required copyright royalty fees. The normal charge for this reporting service is 10% of the monthly base rate for Unlimited Plans and the reporting service is included at no extra charge for Network Affiliate Plan participants. See RIAA Reporting link


Recently, BRM introduced the Network Affiliate Plan. The NAP program is designed to present broadcast radio networks with the absolutely lowest costing Omnibus Streaming Media Account available in the market today. All network affiliates will purchase bandwidth at far below market costs based upon the buying power of all of BRM's total bandwidth purchases. See Network Affiliate link


BRM is committed to the success of our radio station affiliates by providing low fees and making available more revenue generating opportunities than our competitors


Corporate Office:

Barnabas Road Media, Inc.

The BRM's corporate office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana where our sales, accounting, and production studios are housed in a modern and secure office park.

Our normal business hours are from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Emergency Services and after-hour services are provided by escalation protocols established with each radio station at the inception of service.

Barnabas Road Media is an industry leader in innovation, multiple advertising platforms, network oriented problem solving and service fee pricing. Barnabas Road applies generous discounts to multi-station groups and networks. Some advertising programs are free to broadcasters while others involve standard vendor set fees.

Barnabas Road... a leader in streaming media for broadcast radio.

Toll free: 877-656-7200


BRM Key Concepts

  • Dual Band

  • Unlimited

  • High Quality

  • High Service

  • Lowest cost

  • Affiliate Plan

  • Ad-Opts

  • RIAA Stats

Zero G


The concept of zero gravity is expressed by NASA in the term

"Zero G".


BRM has adopted the term Zero G when referring to your online broadcast.


Our products are intended to present no obstacle to your online broadcast reaching orbit...


no limits...

no gravity to hold you back.


You can grow your online audience without fear of excess bandwidth charges...


ZERO G from Barnabas Road


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