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Effective February 1, 2008

Barnabas Road has reconfigured its media broadcast infrastructure including all new racks, servers and other internet streaming equipment.

BRM now has increased uplink capacity, faster servers, more media storage and the ability to phase in scalable growth as Internet Radio continues to grow in popularity.

There is no radio network too large or station too small to fit one of BRM's service plans.


BRM Advertising was created to provide online radio stations the finest ad delivery systems and quality advertising available.

Check out our Ad-Opts page for the services Barnabas Road will facilitate.

BRM Advertising will help fill all of the internet ad space and spot inventory you desire.

Audio and Video pre-roll, in stream audio spots, video spots and banner ads are all available to BRM affiliates.

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Someone is always in the Media Broadcast Center to serve your technical needs 24x7x365

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