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Using Video on your Station's Website

Radio stations that use video of all types on their websites generate more web traffic and obtain more Internet Radio listeners. The goal is to keep listeners coming back to the station's website and to have compelling content on the station's website so that new listeners will be attacked to the station's website using your over-the-air broadcast to draw viewers in.


What is compelling content? It may be over simplistic to say that compelling content can be anything from a weather widget, to up to date news stories, local events, and as much video content as possible. No doubt... all of this takes work. Many radio stations have not made a full commitment to their Internet broadcast and so paying attention to the quality of the station's website may not take a high priority.


If you have not heard the next statement elsewhere, you are going to read it now. "The key to a successful Internet Radio broadcast is high web traffic". No business, entertainment company, or governmental agency will be successful on the Internet unless they spend a newly allocated amount of time and money to generate web traffic.


Radio stations may spend money on search engine optimization, but the real bang for the buck comes in expanding your local Internet listener audience. Listener sign-up pages for contests, prizes, and free concert tickets on the station's website helps to draw in local listeners. Have community service pages on your site where listeners can find the details on all community events. Post hot video of news events or celebrity news. In fact, signing up with a format specific content provider may be the smartest move in this regard.


Posting appropriate movie trailers is even better as the movie producers pay the promotional internet bandwidth costs. Yes, there are other kinds of video you can place on your station's website such as video of station remote events, news stories your station may choose to cover, your sharathon as it rolls around each year. A creative mind will find no limit as to how to use video on its web site. Have fun and allow your audience to have fun with you. It will payoff in terms of gaining more web traffic and Internet listeners.