Barnabas Road    

Barnabas Road Media




      Singularity tm

     Duality tm

Encoder Format

WMA (only) WMA & MP3

Stream To All Desktops

No No

Stream To Mobile/Cell Phones/Tablet PCs

Windows Mobile iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile

Simultaneous Listener Limit

100 Unlimited

Monthly Bandwidth Limit

NA Unlimited

Station Branded Media Player

Yes Yes

Stream Statistics

Monthly On-line

Custom Station Branded Player

Yes Yes-WMA

iPhone Application

NA Free

Free Side Channel

Yes Yes

Service Agreement


Fee Basis

Fixed Monthly Fixed Monthly

Up Time Guarantee

99.9% 99.9%

Initial Implementation Fee

None None

20k Stream

$25 $99

32k Stream

$30 $139

48k Stream

$50 $199

64k Stream

$75 $269

96K Stream

$100 $359

128k Stream

$150 $429