Barnabas Road    

Christian Radio Stations

Barnabas Road Media designed its streaming media hosting service with Christian Radio Stations in mind at every step of the way.


Barnabas Road is the endorsed internet streaming media hosting service of the  Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB) Association.

Commercial and Non-Commercial Christian Radio stations will find Barnabas Road easy to sign up with and easy to do business.

BRM understands the unique needs of Christian Radio broadcasters and we likewise strive to honor Jesus Christ in our business dealings while we jointly promote the Gospel throughout the world.

Streaming Glory, Honor, and Praise.

 Sample stations


 KSBJ     89.3 FM

 Contemporary Christian



Humble, Texas



 KSWP  90.9 FM

Contemporary Christian

Lufkin, Texas


  Moody Radio

Christian Ministry and Music

Chicago, Illinois

BRM does not list all of its customers for competitive reasons.