Barnabas Road



Redundant Reliability

The Barnabas Road Media Broadcast Center features redundant power companies, 3 diesel generators, 2 units of battery back-up grids and much much more.

We understand that no matter what, your broadcast must be live 24x7.

BRM has configured its streaming media system to make available scalable capacity using 7 internet backbone service carriers and high capacity and extremely fast streaming media servers providing your listeners an enhanced listening experience from the highest quality internet radio broadcast.

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Singularity  tm 

  • A starter plan for stations new to the Internet
  • Plan capped at 100 listeners - choose the bandwidth and monthly fee
  • No contract or set up fee
  • Super easy to implement - free encoder
  • Station-branded media player
  • Free Monthly Statistics

Duality  tm 

  • Stream in both WMA and MP3 for wide usability for PCs and Mobile devices
  • Unlimited simultaneous listeners and monthly bandwidth
  • No contract or set up fee
  • Station-branded media player
  • Free live and on line statistics


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