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Dual Band Option

Barnabas Road was one of the first streaming media hosting services to offer a package including a low-bandwidth option for dial-up service users and several high-bandwidth options for Broadband/DSL service users.

About 50% of North American internet users still have dial-up service, but the percentage of dial-up use is much greater in other countries. It is import to offer a low-bandwidth option for dial-up users.

Dial-up Internet Service Providers (ISPs) rarely connect their users at the full 56k modem capability. In most cases, users are connected at a bandwidth far less than 30k and at even lower connection speeds during peak network usage.

Generally, a low-bandwidth speed of 20k will allow for a good quality signal and allow dial-up users access to your online broadcast.

Some stations only offer a bandwidth higher than 20k, thinking they must improve the quality of their stream by increasing the bandwidth to 32k, 48k, or even 64k, but dial-up internet service users cannot use bandwidths higher than the incoming stream capability.

When a dial-up user tries to connect to a bandwidth higher than the ISP has opened to their PC, the media player continuously buffers and the online broadcast starts and stops continuously as well. Most are so frustrated with the poor listening experience they give up and locate another online source of entertainment.

Some radio broadcasters have been willing to lose a large percentage of the online market in favor of having one high-bandwidth stream. They have made this choice because the cost of providing a low and high bandwidth stream was too expensive with their current hosting service.

The Dual-Band Option from Barnabas Road recognizes the fact that you want and need all of the audience you can acquire. The pricing of our Dual-Band Option recognizes that your listener can only use one stream at a time and it costs less to provide a low-bandwidth stream than it does a higher bandwidth stream.

Dual-Band just makes sense and it allows you to better control your online broadcast quality and monthly expense.

Barnabas Road… a LEADER in streaming media for broadcast radio.



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