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BRM has been simulcasting radio stations over the internet since 2004.

Our innovations and pricing methodology have been the hallmark of our stellar growth and popularity with our wonderful AM, FM and HD radio stations. We know we are super competitive and now you can see how we compare with 5 of our competitors. Click on the links of the left navigation bar or page links below.




Liquid Compass

Stream Audio



BRM Features


Unlimited Bandwidth

No Simultaneous Listener Caps
Per Performance - SoundExchange Reporting

Blackout Programming
Dual-Band Options

Low cost side-channels
Free PodCasting

Free Media Storage
On-Demand Media Replay Click to see an example on-demand commercial for a content provider   (Click)

New Subscription Radio Services

Barnabas Road is a Windows Media Service Provider


Windows Media Services

No Competition

Its not a secret and more and more radio stations are making the switch to Barnabas Road


BRM is innovative, low cost, and forward looking... all of this is for the benefit of our affiliates.

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