Welcome to the BRM Listener Support Center
Although there are over 1 billion PCs in use around the world and over 2.5 billion cell phones, many capable

of using Internet radio, there are common issues that we may be able to offer some assistance.

The BRM Listener Support Center is not an all exhaustive service. We have limitations to what we may be able to

accomplish via this website and email support. We know there are certain programs that conflict with Internet radio.

We know there are PC registry issues, corrupt files, malware, and viruses that can prevent Internet radio. We know that

some employers and higher education organizations block Internet radio as it uses the company or institution's expensive bandwidth.

Consequently, we cannot solve every problem you may have in listening to your favorite radio station.

Clearly, some issues are beyond the scope of our best intentions.


So, you desire to listen to your favorite Broadcast radio station over the Internet. You go to the station's website click on their listen live button and the player either opens but doesn't play or the player doesn't even open. What do you do? Well, since you are already here let us work our way down through the items and see if your PC setup falls into one of the following situations!

  1. You have an older version of the Windows Media Player: Go to the following links and get a free new player:

    Download: Windows Media Player Version 12 for Windows 7


Download: Windows Media Player Version 11


  1. You have a MAC and Windows Media will not work. Download one of the two most common MAC/WMA plug-ins:

Download: Windows Media Player for Safari


Download: Flip4Mac


  1. You have a Firefox Browser and Windows Media will not work. Download the Firefox/WMA plug-in:

Download: Windows Media Player for Firefox


  1. You don't know why it will not work, but you are willing to dig deeper. Go to one of the following websites:

Microsoft WMA Streaming Support


 Windows Media Player Support


  1. You think a different Media Player may help your chances of being successful.

                     Go to the following links and download one of the free alternative players... best for MP3 streams.

Download: WINAMP MP3 Player http://www.winamp.com/

                 Download: QuickTime Player http://www.apple.com/quicktime/player/


If these links do not address your specific problem, Click Here for further assistance.