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Not currently streaming on the internet?

If this is your station's current situation, then

your station can stream free for 6 months... or more!

 Does not apply to Subscription or Video Services

6 Months Free Offer

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Stream Free for 6 Months... or more!!!

Barnabas Road Media Offering Free Streaming to Any Radio Station Not Currently Streaming Online

Barnabas Road Media, a Leader in Streaming Media for Broadcast Radio, will host any radio station’s broadcast online for 6 months at no charge… no kidding!

  • This new program will provide a 20k stream at no charge for 6 months and if at the end of the 6 months the station has not simulcast at least 1000 audience hours of listening during the 6th month, the stream continues to be free each month until the audience exceeds 1000 hours of monthly listening for up to an additional 6 months.

  • Radio stations will still have to provide their own Personal Computer dedicated to their online broadcast, copyright fees for music rights and of course at least a DSL connection to transmit their broadcast to our media servers.

  • Some radio stations do not have their own internet website. So, we will also provide a free website in which the station can use while it builds an audience and before they obtain their own website.

Barnabas Road was one of the first streaming media providers to offer “unlimited concurrent listeners and unlimited monthly bandwidth” to its radio affiliates. There are never any surprise excess bandwidth bills from BRM.

All AM, FM or HD radio stations are welcome to take advantage of the 6 months of free streaming if they are not currently broadcasting on the internet. Click here to sign up for 6 months of free streaming: ->>>> Free Streaming Offer

About Barnabas Road

Barnabas Road began streaming radio stations on the internet in 2004 and since their inception now stream hundreds of station streams. BRM stations have nearly 800,000 monthly listeners who listen to over 1.3 million hours of radio station broadcasts each month. 

 Ask about this free offer: call toll free: 877-656-7200

Barnabas Road… a LEADER in streaming media for broadcast radio.


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