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Copyright Fees

Station Obligations

Any entity broadcasting music over the Internet may be obligated to keep records of music performed and pay royalty fees resulting from said performances.

Barnabas Road does not file reports or pay royalties for any radio station under any circumstance.

Barnabas Road Media does not offer advice on copyright filings, obligations, reporting or royalty payments. BRM recommends Ando Media for Per Performance Reporting.

MP3 for IPhone and other internet radios

Barnabas Road will set your station up to have a free iPhone application that includes your own station icon on the iPhone home page. This application uses an MP3 stream which we will also provide at no extra charge, but you must use the SimpleCast encoder mentioned below. Your users follow simple instructions in loading the application and the App is free to your loyal listeners.

BRM creates the custom app, icon, and provides the station web site instructions. It is all pretty easy and your iPhone users will love it. Or, your listeners can purchase an App at the iPhone APP Store... 

The Apple iPhone can play internet radio stations. The user may purchase one of two applications available from the iPhone APP Store. The Tuner or WunderRadio applications are available from the APP Store.

 The Tuner application will only allow MP3 stream addresses to be entered for operational functionality.

 The WunderRadio application is facilitated by RadioTime which allows all types of radio station streams to be used or converted for listener ease including WMA.

The same methods may be used by other internet radio devices. Devices equipped with the RadioTime tuner allows for more encoder applications to be used by the device.

Radio Stations need to purchase the SimpleCast encoder from Spacial Audio in order to be able to broadcast an MP3 stream suitable for Internet Radios and the iPhone.