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BRM vs StreamAudio

BRM vs StreamAudio 

Bandwidth Option Bandwidth Limits Stream Audio BRM Options Bandwidth Limits Barnabas Road
16k N/A N/A 16k Unlimited $115
24k 200 Concurrent Listeners $195 20k Unlimited $160
32k 500 Concurrent Listeners $635 20/32k Unlimited $199
64k 500 Concurrent Listeners $1250 20/64k Unlimited $279
16/32k N/A N/A 20/32k Unlimited $199
20/64k N/A N/A 20/64 Unlimited $279
PodCasting   Yes PodCasting Yes Included
Add Insertion   Yes Add Insertion   Yes
Digital Rights Management   Yes Digital Rights Management   Yes
Ad Revenue   Station retains Revenue Add Revenue   Station retains Revenue
Set-up Fee   No Set-up Fee   No
Monthly Reports   Yes Monthly Reports   Yes
Up-time Guarantee   None Stated Up-time Guarantee   99.9%
Station Branded Player   Yes Station Branded Player   Yes
Station Tech Support   Yes Station Tech Support   Yes
Listener Support   Yes Listener Support   Yes

Metro-Market radio stations and large networks may find the StreamAudio package affordable.

Mid to small market radio stations usually do not have the online ad revenue to justify the feature rich and more expensive packages and they find the BRM stream hosting service much more affordable and right for their market.

No Comparison

Barnabas Road is one of the most cost competitive streaming media hosting services in America today.

We are the right choice for radio stations.

StreamAudio website data as of 12/26/2006

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