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BRM vs Abacast

BRM vs Abacast

Bandwidth Option Bandwidth Limits Abacast BRM Options Bandwidth Limits Barnabas Road
16k N/A N/A 16k Unlimited $115
20k 50,000 hrs. $65/135* 20k Unlimited $160
32k 50,000 hrs. $90/195* 20/32k Unlimited $199
64k 50,000 hrs. $180/375* 20/64k Unlimited $279
16/32k N/A N/A 20/32k Unlimited $199
20/48k 307 Concurrent Listeners $200 + .65 each peak listener above 307 20/64 Unlimited $279
Set-up Fee   $99 Set-up Fee   None
Monthly Reports   Yes Monthly Reports   Yes
Up-time Guarantee   None Mentioned Up-time Guarantee   99.9%
Station Branded Player   Yes Station Branded Player   Yes
Station Tech Support   Yes Station Tech Support   Yes
Listener Support   Yes Listener Support   Yes
*First price is for Chaincast like Technology.  Second price is for Unicast Technology.  Chaincast Technology uses the Station's Listener PC & Bandwidth to forward the broadcast to other listeners as a proxy server. Many consider the use of this technology fundamentally wrong although its use is not currently illegal or prohibited in the United States of America.

Abacast website data as of 12/26/2006

Unlimited monthly bandwidth with no simultaneous listener caps are the hallmark feature from BRM.

The Dual-Band Option is also a very popular option many  stations use to gain the biggest audience and best quality output available.

Unicast Safe

Over 95% of our monthly listeners (over 1,300,000 monthly) use Windows Media on a Unicast streaming basis.

We consider our streaming technology the most user friendly and most widely accepted by the public world-wide.


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