Hi, I'm a Freshman at State University. I have never spent much time away from home before coming to college.

Its really hard living in the dorm. Privacy is a big issue here... you really don't get much time alone. On Sunday

morning its usually as dead as a tomb around here. Yes, I know I should get up and go to the church near the

campus, but its just not my church. If I could come home, I would. I have never felt so alone in my life as I do

now surrounded by all of these... well, new people. It's not that I am having a hard time making new friends, but

I am having a hard time with different lifestyles, and beliefs. We all have computers here and we are all connected

to the internet. Ever since my mother told me our worship services would be broadcast live over the internet, I've

been getting up (not dressed), slipping my headphones on and watching the service. It means so much to me to be

able to be reminded of what I believe and why I believe it. I've come to realize that I am never alone. Jesus has come

to college with me. You are the best church in the whole world... thanks for making a way for me to stay connected."