"Hello, I am the Head of our churches' A/V Team.  I never would have believed how easy it would be to make

our worship services available for viewing over the internet. BRIBN pointed out that we already may have

all the equipment we would need and they were 80% correct. We already had a PC for A/V. The PC was fast

enough and it had a supported audio/video capture card. We had to download the free Microsoft Windows Media

Encoder. The A/V PC was already connected to the internet via DSL. We didn't have a high quality video camera.

So, we started by broadcasting the audio signal only. That only took a patch off the mixer board. We did the audio

for a couple of months until one of our members donated a broadcast quality video camcorder he didn't use

any more. His outdated video production tool became the world's eye into our worship services. BRIBN made it easy

to move to a video broadcast and the cost was the same... $69.95 per month. What a bargain and terrific service.

The quality of the signal is 5x5 and technical support is available 24x7.  The Barnabas Road Internet Broadcasting

Network made it possible to reach our shut-ins, military personnel, college students, and our world wide family of

missionaries. Our reach has grown beyond our physical grasp, but not the power of God to seek and to save which is

flowing from our church to everyone of these groups and more around the world."