""Two months ago I was in a horrific automobile accident. My hip was crushed and my left leg shattered.

Plus, I had severe internal injuries and painful back problems. The back injury is so bad that I

have to spend most of my day in bed. The pain otherwise is too difficult to tolerate. Before the accident, I never

missed a service. If the church door was open, I was probably present. I need the Lord, I need the fellowship

of my Christian brothers and sisters, and I need to be fed the Word of God as always. I didn't have a computer

or access to the internet, so my Sunday School class pitched in and bought a Web-TV unit and had a DSL line installed.

Now, I watch each Sunday worship service and even virtually attend our Wednesday evening prayer meetings.

Physical therapy will be slow, but I will soon be able to return to church in person. I'm not keeping the Web-TV unit...

I plan on passing it along to the next person in our church that cannot attend because of illness or injury."