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Low-Cost Internet Access
Barnabas Road Media Hosting is flexible in its streaming media production capabilities and takes the time to price each ministry's audio and or video production based upon its own criteria and realized actual audience. Our goal is to help each ministry accomplish their own unique goals while paying the lowest possible Internet Streaming Media Fees.

Example: Weekly Church Service - $69.95 /month - Includes 100GB Transfer


Excess Additional Bandwidth Rates per month:

After 100Gb/mo transfer $0.001 per MB
WebTV enable a nursing home
Imagine the impact of mentioning how much the congregation is missing a particular member that is recuperating in a nursing home and that person is watching via a WebTV broadcast. Imagine the ministry to the other patients.

Be a blessing to Shut-Ins
We never want to encourage anyone to stay home from church... but if your shut-ins or sick members have an internet connected computer, they don't have to miss the service.

Minister to your Missionaries
Your church service can now reach around the world and minister to those far from home... send a blessing to your missionaries.

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