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Barnabas Road Media, Inc. (BRM)


BRM was founded with the idea of fundamentally changing the way streaming media services are delivered to broadcast radio in North America. We rapidly realized radio stations were being penalized for doing well on the Internet by having simultaneous listener and monthly listening hour caps applied. Excess bandwidth charges had driven some broadcasters to extremely low and bad sounding Internet broadcasts. Other broadcasters had increased their bandwidth to the point that dial-up users we no longer able to access a sustainable stream. Still other radio stations had given away one of their more valuable assets to stream hosting services who care more about advertising and the revenue to be made from advertising than radio programming and listener enjoyment. BRM is a streaming media network designed for radio stations and broadcast networks. We take a network approach to solving common problems.


BRM is committed to providing streaming media hosting services to North American broadcasters without limits that will hold the growth of internet broadcasting back from being successful for each streaming radio station.

BRM uses proprietary bandwidth calculation methods, advanced bulk bandwidth purchasing, and a method of planning bandwidth utilization facilitated by the formation of Market Based Cluster Groups (MBCG) in order to provided ample network bandwidth at an affordable price for all.

Corporate Office:

Barnabas Road Media, Inc.

The BRM corporate office is located on the far south side of Indianapolis, Indiana where our sales, accounting, and production studios are housed in a modern professional office park.

Our normal business hours are from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Emergency Services and after-hour services are discussed in the Affiliate and Support sections of this web site.

Barnabas Road Media is an industry leader in innovation, network oriented problem solving and service pricing. Barnabas Road applies generous discounts to multi-station groups and networks.

Barnabas Road Media is the endorsed Internet Technology company of the Christian Music Broadcasters association. BRM has radio network affiliates such as The Moody Broadcasting Network, The World Radio Network and the Styles Media Group.

Barnabas Road... a leader in streaming media for broadcast radio.


Media Broadcast Center

Dallas, Texas
COMPLETE redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.


Backbone Carriers

Global Crossing








Time Warner

Private Peers


Network professionals are onsite 24x7x365. Emergency contact protocols are established for every station on the network.


We make your implementation easy, your listeners ability to tune in simple, and provide the highest quality streaming media experience for everyone on the network.

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