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99.9% Up-Time Guarantee

Barnabas Road has a very real concern over our ability to provide internet streaming services to broadcast radio no matter the circumstance. This is why we have built redundancy into every aspect of our Media Broadcast Center.

Two different power companies feed the BRM Media Broadcast Center. There are multiple diesel generators that kick in if both power companies fail to provide electricity and if the generators go down as well, there are rows and rows of batteries linked in such a way as to keep the network online.

Servers, switches, ports and routers are all linked in a redundant manner so if one piece of equipment should fail, its backup takes over. Plus, with technical staff onsite 24x7 and monitoring systems watching every component even when something does go wrong, the problem is resolved very rapidly and usually without an interruption in service.

There are automated fire suppression systems and physical round-the-clock security protecting the Media Broadcast Center. We take your broadcast very seriously and we do everything we can to keep your broadcast online.

Nothing short of the physical network center being destroyed will keep your signal off the internet.

This is why we are confident in offering our 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Barnabas Road a LEADER in streaming media for broadcast radio.


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