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Station Branded Media Player

Barnabas Road uses the Windows Media streaming system, but you have all of the choices as to whether to use the generic media player or a customized remote player that has your station logo, links and ads if so desired.

We believe your launch page and media player to be your internet property. We do not place our own ads on your property and the design of your launch pages and players is your business… we create your web media property to look the way you want.

We do not charge extra for web design work… it’s just part of our package.

We request you allow us to place a “Powered by Barnabas Road” notice on your launch page or player, but even this is not required.

You can change the look and feel of your media pages and player upon request and we will do the web work for you… No Charge.

If your automation system allows the creation of HTTP output, we can even help you set up your “now playing” page or player component.

Consider our technical and web personnel part of your team and let us help you master the internet.

Barnabas Road… a LEADER in streaming media for broadcast radio.


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