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Christian/Non-Profit Radio Market Rates:

Zero-G Portfolio




Dual Band


Dual Band

Monthly Service Fee





HD Channel $67.50 $90.00 $99.50 $132.50
Repeater Markets N/C N/C N/C N/C
Side Channel 16k 20k 32k 64k
Monthly Service Fee $15.00 $18.00 $30.00 $60.00
 Rate Information:


The Zero-G Portfolio is designed for developing internet streaming stations

The above rates include:


      Unlimited concurrent listeners

      Unlimited monthly listening hours

      Free monthly statistical reporting

Barnabas Road Media offers a 15% discount for any additional stations after the first streaming radio station

An Internet-Side-Channel is defined as an Internet Only Broadcast in addition to the station's live broadcast

Payment Methods:

Barnabas Road Media accepts:

American Express

Monthly Automatic Bank Debit ACH Processing 

Sample Station Information:


Barnabas Road Media does not list or disclose its network affiliates as a matter of competitive confidentiality. The sample stations shown on the right hand side may be contacted for a reference if desired. Radio station internet broadcasting equipment vary in output quality. You can take our free trial even while you continue with your current host. See for yourself how your station will sound and look on the Barnabas Road Internet Broadcasting Network.


Sample Stations

Click station logo to Listen Live

WBCL - Fort Wayne, IN

Contemporary Christian

NRB 2005 Media Award Winner

"Best Radio News Format"

WMBI - Chicago,  IL

Moody Broadcasting Network

WGTS - Washington, DC

Contemporary Christian


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