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No Ads or Pop-Ups

Is there anything more annoying than pop-up ads? We donít allow them on our launch pages or players.

In fact, it is the BRM policy that launch pages and players belong to the radio station or network buying the BRM stream hosting service. Therefore, we do not place our ads or any other companyís ads on the stationís property.

We do have certain service standards where we require an ASX page be the link to our servers, but other than this rule, we believe stations should manage their internet property as they see fit.

It is our belief that if a stream hosting service wants to use a stationís web space to advertise, they should pay the station for that right.

Further, we suggest that web launch page and player advertising for most non-metro market radio stations is a counter productive endeavor. Most media players are minimized as the PC owner moves on to other PC activities and except for online markets approaching 100,000 player hits per month, it's difficult to get larger advertisers interested in using your launch page or player as a valid advertising medium.

In fact, the CPM (cost per thousand) of impressions is pretty low for player ads. Your cost to stream the ads may be more than your revenue received. Most small and medium sized online markets can only really benefit from local ads and if the station happens to be part of an aggressive online marketing network.

In our humble opinion, most radio stations will have an easier time selling over-the-air ads if they can demonstrate how big and how rapidly their online audience is growing. We suggest smaller stations are better off improving their programming, promotions and ad sales efforts rather than basing future revenue hopes on player banner ad marketing.

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