Downloading and installing Windows Media Player for Macintosh

*Before proceeding with installation of your downloaded software, please take note of these important steps:

Quit any other programs that are currently running.  This would include any anti-virus programs, as they might interfere with installation.

Make sure Allume Systems StuffIt Expander Version 6 or later is installed on your computer.  If you currently have an older version  on your computer, you may not be able to install the WMP download.  For Allume Systems StuffIt updates try this site:

Follow the detailed installation instructions, and find the steps at the download center for your system.  In general, you can refer to these steps after completing the above prep.

    Download WMP for your Mac platform (*Double-click on the download program to "unstuff" it)

    Click on the Installer icon to install WMP (*Be sure to locate the system folder on your hard drive)

    Open the Preferences folder with your System folder

    Delete the "Windows Media Player Preferences" file (*Note: the deletion of this file will not affect any of your other applications)