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$650 G.R.A.N.T. What is Included?

Graded Rate Affording New Technology





Graded Fee

Internet Access Fee $50 for 1st 5 months then, $180/mo designed to offset $500 copyright fee and the monthly cost of your ISP for 5 months ($30/mo)

20K Stream

Single band 20k stream good for both dial-up and broadband stereo or mono

Rate Guarantee

Post Grant Period - Internet Access Fee guaranteed for 24 months

No Concurrent Listener Limits

Unlimited simultaneous listeners

No Monthly Hours Cap

No limit to number of listener hours at included Internet Access Fee

Station Branded WMS Player

Free windows media player branded with station Logo and other graphics

Monthly Listener Statistics

Monthly statistical reports.

Normal Support

Support includes implementation and normal operations during business hours - live

24x7 Emergency Technical Support

Emergency Support services via messaging system

State-of-the-art Media Broadcast Center

Fully redundant media broadcast center with 11 internet backbone carriers, lock-down security, and virtually unlimited uplink throughput.

The $650 G.R.A.N.T. Program is designed to help Christian radio stations broaden their listener market on the World-Wide Web and is only offered to Christian radio stations not currently broadcasting on the Internet.