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$650 G.R.A.N.T.

Designed exclusively for non-streaming Christian radio stations



Network Access Fee

$180/ month No Contract


Network Access Fee

$50/ month for 5 months

  $650 G.R.A.N.T. - Graded Rate Affording New Technology

Q: What does the $650 G.R.A.N.T. do for the Christian radio station not currently streaming their broadcast over the internet?

 A: The Graded Rate plan is intended to help Christian radio stations get started on the internet. The $650 rate reduction was designed to lower the streaming media internet access fees equivalent to the first $500 minimum annual fee and an Internet Service Provider fee of $30/mo. for the first 5 months ($500+$150 = $650).

Q: Why does the G.R.A.N.T. last for a 5 month period?

A: Based upon Barnabas Road Media’s study of current customer streaming patterns, it takes 5 months on average for any given station to attract a consistent internet audience.

Q: Why does Barnabas Road Media (BRM) make the $650 G.R.A.N.T. available to non-streaming Christian radio stations?

A: Many Christian radio stations have told BRM the reasons they have not elected to simulcast their over-the-air broadcast on the internet was because of copyright fee uncertainty and the start-up expense of broadcasting on the internet. BRM desires to assist those Christian radio stations wanting to stream their broadcast on the internet. BRM provides concise copyright fee information and reporting assistance.

Q: What if after the 5 month G.R.A.N.T. period we decide that broadcasting on the internet is not for our station? Do we have to sign a contract or be committed to BRM for any period of time?

A: The answer is a plain and simple... NO. There is no contract and no commitment required in order for your station to take advantage of the 5 month reduced rate offer. The purpose of this program is to provide a low cost opportunity for a currently non-streaming Christian radio station to find out if broadcasting on the internet is right for it. You are free to discontinue your relationship with Barnabas Road Media at any time with no strings attached.

Q: What must I do to accept the BRM $650 G.R.A.N.T.?

A: You must fill out and comply with the requirements of the BRM $650 G.R.A.N.T. application. The application will require you to certify that your broadcast format is Christian music, talk, or ministry programs. You have a Personal Computer that can be used exclusively for your on-line broadcast, appropriate sound-card, you have an always on DSL, Cable Modem, ISDN, or T-1 Internet Service, and you have downloaded the free Microsoft Windows Media Encoder Version 9 onto the internet broadcast PC. You must have read the BRM Implementation Manual (BRM Website) and signed the BRM Use & Practices Agreement (BRM Website). Send your application and first month’s network access fee of $50 to:

BRM $650 G.R.A.N.T.

Barnabas Road Media, Inc.

5162 E. Stop 11 Road, Suite 5

Indianapolis, Indiana 46237

  Q: What if my Christian radio station does not have a website?

 A: Barnabas Road Media will advance the annual fees for a basic website ($100) until the end of the 5th month of the discount period. At that time the deferred $100 fee will be divided into two parts and billed $50 at the beginning of the 6th month and $50 at the beginning of the 7th month. The website fee will be added to the $180 monthly internet access fees therefore making your 6th and 7th month payment total $230 each.

 If you take advantage of the BRM web site offer, you will commit to pay the $100 fee even if you discontinue streaming with BRM.