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The  $650 G.R.A.N.T. Program


Currently Non-streaming Christian Radio Stations

Recently, the staff of Barnabas Road Media conducted a website survey of Christian radio stations regarding the simulcast of their over-the-air broadcast on to the World-Wide Web. We were shocked to find that 1800 of the approximate 2200 Christian radio stations in the US were not yet broadcasting on the internet. Our immediate reaction was to ask the question, “Why are so few Christian radio stations broadcasting on the internet?”

The Christian radio station answers to our rather pointed question were focused on a few, but important areas such as copyright fees, equipment costs, internet access, web sites, and high streaming media fees.  In many cases, station GM's and owners answered our question with questions of their own... such as:

  •  “What are the rules regarding the additional copyright fees involved with streaming our broadcast over the internet?”

  •  “What kind of electronic equipment and software are required to broadcast on the internet?”

  •  “What kind of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) is required?”

  •  “Why does a radio station have to have a website to be able to broadcast on the internet?”

  •  “Why are the fees to stream on the internet so high and why do most hosting services limit the number of concurrent listeners or limit the broadcast hours each month?”

We have heard the questions and understand the fact that Christian radio may not operate as well funded as other formats that can advertise and do advertise almost anything. Christian radio must maintain its standards regarding advertising, especially if it is a non-commercial station. We understand and know it takes at least 5 months to build an internet audience that can support an internet broadcast. We want to help Christian radio stations get started and fill the internet with Christian music and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we have created the $650 G.R.A.N.T. for currently non-streaming Christian radio stations. G.R.A.N.T. stands for Graded Rate Affording New Technology. This is exactly what we hope this program will do for your Christian radio station.

Please read the material in the following web pages and obtain the answers to each of the questions posed above. We here at Barnabas Road Media love Christian radio and it is our ministry to come along side Christian radio stations and help them become successful with their broadcast on the internet. By accepting our $650 G.R.A.N.T. Program you can ramp up quickly and start broadcasting over the internet and minister to people at work, in the military, away at school, and to missionaries located around the world.